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12 Things Toronto Can’t Stop Talking About

The People of Toronto

In a city with over 2 million people, needs and concerns you would think are different for every person. But in a city like Toronto, which has grown it’s world-wide status over the last decade, there are things Torontonians just can’t seem to stop talking about. And most of these things are what have helped Toronto gain it’s name on the world’s stage. Here are 12 Things Toronto Can’t Stop Talking About.

12. Drake

Drake’s music has gone world-wide over the past five years. The Toronto native spends most of his time out of the city touring and doing various events, but he is never shy to let the rest of the world know what city raised him. And the city is never shy to remind the rest of the world either.

11. Toronto Maple Leafs

1967. This is a year that resonates with every Maple Leafs fan because it is the last time they won the Stanley Cup, and these days it seems like it was the last time the team was competitive. Despite their losing nature, the Maple Leafs have a loyal fan base and have been one of the most profitable teams in the NHL for decades.

10. Rob Ford and everything surrounding him.

The infamous former Mayor of Toronto made international headlines when he admitted to smoking crack while being the chief magistrate of one the biggest metropolitan cities in the world. Even though he is no longer the Mayor of Toronto, the media and Toronto still want to know what is up with Rob Ford every day.

9. When the weather is bad, it’s baaad.

Toronto no doubt is one of the best cities to be in during the summer months. Winter in Toronto will have people lined up at Pearson Airport looking for the first flight to a tropical country. Winter months in Toronto can be horrible, and long. It’s always been like that, but people will complain about it every year.

8. The beauty of the TTC when it is working, and how much you hate it when it’s not.

Not many cities have the luxury of a great transit system like we do in Toronto. But the cities that do, have a much more complex and convenient system than the one in Toronto. When the TTC is working, it’s your best friend, but one minor disruption in it’s service can ruin your whole day, causing it to become your worst enemy.

7. Condos being built on your feet if you stand in the same place for too long.

Toronto is a large city, and it continues to grow more every year. And of course the people moving in to the city need some where to stay, and condos have been the solution. Most people think Toronto has too many condos and it might be a problem for the city a couple years down the line.

6. Getting parking tickets

One thing every Toronto resident will tell you is how much they dislike driving downtown because parking is too expensive, and parking downtown can also be very annoying. There are many street signs that don’t allow you to park at certain places at certain times, which cause a lot of people being ticketed or towed, causing a lot of people to wish they just stayed home.

5. Toronto Raptors WE THE NORTH

The lack of success from the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Blue Jays has allowed the Toronto Raptors to be boosted to the front of the sports scene in Toronto. It also helps that the Raptors launched a really cool “We The North” campaign representing all of Canada as the only Canadian team in the NBA.

4. Rush hour traffic on the 401, 427, Don Valley Parkway, and every other street that has cars on it.

In a city with over two million people there is going to be a lot of cars. And with a lot of cars, comes a ton of traffic. Everyone in Toronto knows they need to leave for their destination early if they are going to be travelling on any of the highways during rush hours from 7-9 am and from 4-6 pm. Hope you have a favourite radio station.

3. Trying to relive the Blue Jays in 1993, and not even making the playoffs.

The Blue Jays haven’t been good for a while, and they haven’t made the playoffs for a while either. The Boys in Blue are always fun to watch during the summer months in this wonderful city. Now they just need to start winning to make Blue Jays fans even more dedicated to the team.

2. People that went to UofT will tell you they went to UofT over and over again.

If you attend one of the most prestigious schools in the world, you’re going to let people know about it. Ask anyone who has friends that went to the University of Toronto, I’m pretty sure they know every detail about their friend’s academic career at UofT.

1. Being ranked as one of the best cities in the world!

Toronto has grown to be one of the diverse cities in the world, and with diversity comes a community of people who bring plenty different things to the table. The city of Toronto is a major metropolitan city, and has been named the number one city in the world to live by various media outlets around the world.

Did we forget anything? What is something you feel Toronto residents love talking about? Let us know!

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