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3 Reasons To Move To Mississauga

Move to Mississauga

Should a move to Mississauga be in your future?

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We think it’s a great idea. Located right next to Toronto, Mississauga acts as nice suburb to the big city. With saying that, the city has a life of its own as it is home to almost 750,000 Canadians, and conveniently located on Lake Ontario.

The thing about Mississauga that makes it special is its wide variety of cultures within the city borders. These cultures allow for you to get a different feel for the city by travelling 10 minutes in any direction.

Mississauga Employment

There are over 50,000 businesses running in Mississauga which employ over 413,000 people. One of the reasons that people decide to own and operate in this city is the fact that is safe. Mississauga has been rated the safest city live in for 13 years in a row. Over 61 Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters with Mississauga. With land available, and a close proximity to Toronto, it’s a no-brainer for big companies and small alike.


Want your kids to get a great degree but still live at home? Not a problem. The University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus has over 12,000 students and gives students more of a campus feel than its downtown counterpart. The Sheridan Institute of Technology has a great campus situated within the city borders.

Family Life

Ranked first overall among Mid-sized American cities of the future by fDi Magazine, Mississauga is great place to start a family. There are beautiful parks and recreational facilities throughout Mississauga. This makes the city very liveable, yet practical for those working within Mississauga and outside of it. This is why we believe a move to Missisauga, might be the best move you ever make.

If you’re planning to move to Mississauga, or have any questions about the city, let us know. We’d be glad to help you out!



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