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5 Best Toronto Public Libraries

Of course, the summer time is all about having fun and putting that long school year all the way behind you. Although you want to have all the fun in the world, you don’t want to forget all of your smarts, so these are the 5 Best Toronto Public Libraries for you this summer.

Toronto Reference Library

Once you spend an afternoon at the Toronto Reference Library, you might never want to leave. There isn’t a shortage of material for you to go through as this library is one of the largest in Toronto and has over 4 million items in its collection.


This library received $9.1 million worth of renovations in 2009 which added a whole new wing to the library as well as doubling its size. Since the upgrade, Bloor/Gladstone library has received multiple awards.

High Park

High Park Library lies right in the heart of the High Park neighborhood, which makes it perfect for all the families in the area. The library is well aware of the number of young families in the area, which is why their kid’s room on the main floor is never empty.

Scarborough Civic Centre

If you need a library that’s easy to get to, this is the one as it is right on the subway line. It’s also connected to Scarborough Town Center if you need to get some shopping done too.


For the history buffs, Yorkville might be your first choice of Toronto libraries as it is currently the oldest Toronto Public Library still standing.  



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