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5 Brunch Spots in Toronto You Need To Try

Brunchin’ On The Weekend

There is nothing better than waking up on the weekend and heading to brunch with family and friends. Toronto has a few spots that are packed all afternoon on weekend and you should be there too. These are 5 brunch spots in Toronto you need to try. Enjoy!

Rose and Sons


The first thing we’re going to say about this place is to get to Rose and Sons early. You are more than likely going to see a lineup outside of this place when you get there and we can confirm that everyone is waiting for a great reason. The fusion of food here is great and will have you coming back.

Maha’s Restaurant

Brunch here is going to feel like you are in your grandmother’s home for the afternoon. This quaint Egyptian restaurant has all the perfect smells that will make your belly growl as soon as you get there. Call ahead to make sure the line up isn’t too long.

La Cubana

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La Cubana gives you the perfect taste of Cuba that you will rave about all the way home. Their menu ranges from sandwiches to plates that include many of the Cuban staples such as tostadas, rice, and beans.


We will let you in on a little secret about this place, they have a patio in the back with the perfect shade which is perfect for a summer day. The food here is something to brag home about, be sure to try out their pulled pork eggs benedict and the creme Brule for dessert.

Starving Artist

Who doesn’t love waffles? If you can identify a person who doesn’t leave them at home when you’re heading to the Starving Artist. Most things on their menu include waffles, whether it is the eggs benedict or a chicken sandwich. You won’t realize how great waffles taste with everything until you eat here.



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