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5 Donut Shops In Toronto You Need To Try

Last month we looked at some of the best coffee shops that Toronto has to offer, but what goes better with a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning more than a donut. You can skip out on the local chain coffee/donut shops and make a decision that your mouth will thank you for all day. These are 5 of the best donut shops in Toronto.

5. Glory Hole Doughnuts

Some of the toppings at Glory Hole might make you think twice, but we can promise you that bacon on a doughnut is as great as it sounds.

4. The Rolling Pin

Have you ever spent the day just dreaming about what a doughnut cake would taste like? For the great minds that think these wonderful thoughts, The Rolling Pin has us taken care of as they have a great doughnut cake that can satisfy from eight to ten people.

3. Apiecalypse Now

If you’ve ever watched the Simpsons, at some point, you have probably thought about how great the doughnuts that Homer consistently eats look appetizing. Apiecalypse Now has them for you every Friday and Saturday.

2. Bar Raval

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This spot is great for a date as it is a tapas style bar with plenty of small plates perfect for sharing over great conversation. And there is no better way to end the night than with one of their popular doughnuts.

1. Von Doughnuts

There is no shortage of selection at Von Doughnuts, there are over 30 different types of doughnuts here and some of the flavours might make you give it a weird look, but you’ll want to try it anyways.



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