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5 Things You For Need Moving on Campus

Going Back to School

September marks the beginning of the school year, and the beginning of a new world for many students. Some kids start kindergarten, some enter a new life in high school, and some move out of home to gain independence and attend college or university. Moving out of home is a big deal as it is usually the first time you get to be alone and away from parental supervision. You have your freedom, but you need to be prepared for the school year, so here are 5 Things You Need For Moving on Campus.

moving on campus - mini fridge

1. Mini-Fridge

Eating out gets expensive, and when you are a student eating out is not even in your budget. Most student homes do not have a kitchen, so a mini-fridge is a great way to keep the little food you do have from going bad, and of course to keep your drinks cool. They don’t take up much space so it is a good investment, and you don’t need to worry about it getting in your way.

moving on campus - microwave

2. Microwave

Let’s be honest, even if you had a full kitchen, chances are you still would not be cooking every day. A microwave is a stomach saviour for students because in two minutes frozen food can turn in to a “great” meal. Once again, a microwave does not take up too much space, but it will be great on saving time and making you a decent meal.

moving on campus - important documents

3. Important Documents

You never know when you are going to need this stuff, but chances are that if you are going to be moving on campus far from home for a while, you will probably need your driver’s license, health card or SIN number at some point to register for something. It is good to have them on hand, especially if your home is not close. Keep them somewhere safe so you can find them when needed.

moving on campus - laptop

4. Laptop

Your laptop will become your best friend for entertainment purposes. You won’t have access to all the beautiful TV channels you have access to at home, so you will need to watch all of your favourite TV shows online. You will also need your laptop for your homework and keeping up with your classes, but your TV shows become important when it comes time for a study break.

moving on campus - open mind

5. Open Mind

Although this is not a physical item, going to college or university with an open mind will make the experience much more enjoyable. You will be meeting many new people and you will be living in a different environment than you are used to, so to make the best of it, you need to be ready to try new things and be out of your comfort zone a little bit.

Did we forget anything? Let us know in the comments!

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