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6 Places In Toronto For An Epic Milkshake

the lakeview milkshake

Summer is almost upon us in Toronto and what better way to celebrate that than with an occasional brain freeze? Milkshakes are not something you want every day, but when you do want one, why not get the best one possible to satisfy that craving. Here are the best places to grab a milkshake in Toronto. Enjoy!

Holy Chuck Burgers

Holy Chuck is known for some of their insane burgers, we’ve featured them in our article as one of the best burger places in Toronto, but they have a wide variety of milkshakes that are sure to make you drool.

Cafe Nuna

They don’t even call them milkshakes at Cafe Nuna, they are known as Freakshakes. Some of these shakes come topped off with your favourite desserts, such as cookies or brownies. You’ll definitely need to snap a picture of your Freakshake for your Instagram followers.

The Lakeview

When you’re craving a milkshake in the middle of the night, this 24-hour spot will be able to take care of you. The Lakeview has all the classic flavours of milkshakes, but they also feature an apple pie milkshake which is even better than it sounds like.

The Works

When your milkshake is being served in a glass measuring cup, you better be excited. That is just what you get when you come to The Works and chances are you won’t be able to finish your shake. Grab a friend and try the Shake Odyssey, you will thank us later.

Rose & Sons

This is one of our favourite brunch places in the city, and of course, a milkshake goes great with brunch. Rose & Sons serves up some great flavours like cherry cheesecake. And the food here is incredible as well.

Dutch Dreams

It’s hard to get everyone on the same page when going out for dessert, so Dutch Dreams is the perfect option. This ice cream parlour has all the ice cream you want as well as some great milkshakes from all their wonderful ice cream flavours.  



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