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6 Toronto Burgers You Need to Try

Burgers and Fries, Oh My!

Usually when we’re looking for a quick fix for food, a drive-thru becomes a primary option because of how quick it is. Reverse from the drive thru this weekend and get yourself a quality burger in Toronto. These are 6 Toronto burgers you need to try.

6. Holy Chuck

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There is no doubt you’re going to do a double take when your grab a hold of a Holy Chuck burger. The options on the menu are endless, but you can’t go wrong with any one item on the menu. Their milkshakes and fries are definitely menu items you must try as well.

5. Burger’s Preist

You are not going to get a large burger when you come here, but you won’t forget the flavour¬†that shoots in your mouth when you take a bite out of one of their burgers.

4. Parts and Labour

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You wouldn’t expect a great quality burger from a place that features some of the best bands and hottest DJs in the city in the evening. If you get here before the party starts and have one of their burgers, chances are you’ll never leave.

3. Burger Shack

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Burger Shack has been serving up Toronto with their burgers for over 30 years and they don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Get yourself a classic charbroiled burger from here.

2. Mama’s Boy burgers

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We will help you out, try out Mama’s signature burger. No doubt you’ll need two hands to this burger all the way through. Get some extra napkins while you’re at it too.

1.Johnnys Burgers

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There isn’t anything like an old-school styled burger and that is exactly what you’ll get every time you get to Johnny’s. No matter what time of the day you go here, there is going to be a lineup, so pack your patience and your appetite.



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