6 Toronto Burgers You Need to Try

Burgers and Fries, Oh My!
Usually when we’re looking for a quick fix for food, a drive-thru becomes a primary option because of how quick it is. Reverse from the drive thru this weekend and get yourself a quality burger in Toronto. These are 6 Toronto burgers you need to try.
6. Holy Chuck

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There is no doubt you’r…

4 Winter Dates in Toronto

Toronto residents have been lucky this winter and we haven’t had to deal with one of our more crazy winters where we see inches of snow every day. The weather has been relatively mild most days, so take advantage of it and have fun with some things that can only be done in the winter. Here is 4 winter dates in Toronto.

Wavelength Music Festival

For the music lovers be sure to check out…

Best Places To Watch The Maple Leafs

Go Leafs Go!
The NHL is in full swing of things now and for the first time in a while, the Toronto Maple Leafs have a team on the ice that is exciting to watch on a nightly basis and a team full of youth with bright futures ahead. For those of us that have stayed loyal to the Blue and White during this rough patch, we deserve this. These are the best places to watch the Maple Leafs play on t…

5 Donut Shops In Toronto You Need To Try

Last month we looked at some of the best coffee shops that Toronto has to offer, but what goes better with a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning more than a donut. You can skip out on the local chain coffee/donut shops and make a decision that your mouth will thank you for all day. These are 5 of the best donut shops in Toronto.

5. Glory Hole Doughnuts

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7 Toronto Coffee Shops To Help Start Your Morning

As Canadians, we’re all very familiar with our homegrown coffee business, Tim Horton’s. Even though it’s hard to drive by the big red sign for your morning fix of caffeine, there are other great coffee shops in Toronto that have various blends and their very own special feel and atmosphere. These are 7 Toronto Coffee Shops To Start Your Morning.
1. Rooster Coffee House (Broadview location)…

Being A Tourist In Toronto

The easiest thing to do in life is to take for granted the things that we have access to every day. They say you love everything a little more when it’s gone. So before it’s gone, love it like you’ve never experienced it before. Toronto is a huge tourist attraction, but when was the last time you did touristy things in your own city. Toronto has so much to do for tourists, so why not spend t…

5 Things To Do Before The Summer Ends

riverdale park

The Summer Countdown Begins
The countdown ’til the end of summer has already begun, unfortunately. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer we are constantly reminded that autumn is upon us. Before we have to turn the clocks back, enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer with this list of 5 things to do before the summer ends.

Every year the Toronto International Film…

5 Best Parks in Toronto

Trinity Bellwoods park

Green Space in Toronto
As busy and congested of a city Toronto is, many people who aren’t from here are surprised by the amount of green space the city actually has. Toronto has many places for you to go for the day and enjoy your day in the grass while surrounded by large trees and a beautiful breeze. Let’s take a look at the 5 Best Parks in Toronto.
Evergreen Brick Works

At Evergreen…

6 Things In Toronto This Spring

Spring is here in Toronto! Time to get back outside and enjoy the great weather. Spring brings a lot to this city, so get out there and take advantage of the weather before you have to deal with another ice storm in 9 months. These are the 6 things in Toronto to do this spring.
The Blue Jays are back!

The “Boys of Summer” are back on the field. After their best showing in decades, the Blu…

5 Toronto Pizzas You Need to Try

We all love a good slice of pizza, but if you actually want to sit down and enjoy a pizza at a restaurant, Toronto has more than enough to offer. Get away from the regular chain pizza makers and try some of the best pizza the city has to offer. These 5 Toronto pizzas you need to try. You can thank us later.

Pizzeria Libretto

This place is so good, they have multiple locations throughout…

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