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Living With Oakville Wildlife


Help keep the circle of wildife safe in its place – outside of Oakville

Living with Oakville wildlife can cause some issues. We love the outdoors, let’s just make sure we live in harmony with the Oakville wildlife. While our staff enjoys crossing paths with the feathered and furry occupants of Oakville from time to time, they do pose a problem to homeowners on many occasions.

As the moving company Oakville residents turn to not only when seeking advice on household relocations, but for all things related to the home, we thought we’d provide a few tips on how to handle the wildlife surrounding our fine town while keeping our property safe and still respecting its original inhabitants in the process:


Resist Feeding

Feeding Geese

Great way to start autumn geese fecal landmine season

We know it’s tough to resist the appeal of feathered and furry friends finding their way onto you property for a hand fed snack but in the grand scheme of things we urge you to exercise restraint. Feeding wildlife on your property or any public area brings more (word of mouth spreads quick in the wildlife community) and creates a habit among the species to depend upon humans for food. Not only is the property worse for wear (autumn geese fecal landmines anyone?), but the natural course of the animals’ existence is negatively impacted. Save the bread crumbs for seasonal baking and send wildlife off in a different direction.

Keep Food Indoors

THIS is fair game for neighborhood kids AND wildlife

Even if you aren’t actively feeding wildlife on your property you may be doing so inadvertently. Be careful not to leave food waste sitting idle in garbage bags and bins overnight as it will draw wildlife from all corners of the town’s outskirts and onto your property for a feast. If neighborhood garbage pick-up is at 7 AM, you’ll have to wake up early and drag your contribution out in the morning. It’s a better alternative to waking up and seeing garage strewn out over the lawn after a family of raccoons had their way with a GLAD bag. Also, if you indeed spared your bread crumbs for baking make sure you don’t leave that scrumptious pumpkin pie out on the window sill for too long, it will attract more than the neighbor’s kids.

Keep Pets Indoors Overnight

Cat in Window

It’s worth the melancholy stares to keep loved ones safe

Coyotes pose a threat not only with respect to property damage but to the safety of pets, children, and even grown people on the odd occasion. While you’re unlikely to be camping out in the backyard during this time of the year, it’s a good idea to keep your pets indoors after dark to keep these nighttime predators away.

Avoid Alien Invasions

While Oakville Ontario is not averse to the odd UFO sighting here and there, we’re actually referring to invasive species such as non-native insects and plants that threaten the biodiversity of the region. It’s a good idea to learn to identify invasive species in Oakville Ontario in case they exist on your property.

Don’t Bring Them With You


Make sure no one hitches a ride on your move to Oakville

As movers in Oakville that care about protecting the entire community – residents and biodiversity alike – we encourage not only locals to be aware of invasive species, but those moving to Oakville as well. If you have come across this article while seeking movers in Oakville online, then we encourage you to be aware of the possibility that invasive species can find their way onto your cargo. When packing up your household possessions, be diligent in keeping everything clean to make sure insects don’t come along for the ride and if your garden (plants and seeds) is making the trip, be sure to do your biology homework ahead of time, especially if you’re making a long distance move from the U.S. to Ontario – otherwise border patrol will do it for you and you may not like the expense (a hefty fine) that comes with it.

Report Them

Finally, if you come across unwelcome wildlife on your property or in any public area where safety of the land or persons frequenting it come into concern, contact Oakville’s Wildlife & Biodiversity department.

Contact our movers in Oakville if you have any questions about moving within, or to, our fine community.


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