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Money Saving Tips to Prepare Your Home For Winter

With winter fast approaching it’s time to make sure that your house is ready for the cold that is coming. A few simple preparations will go a long way in saving you money over the next couple of months.

Check for air leaks.

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One of the more common issues people have in the winter is the presence of a cold draft. This is caused when there is a gap in your home’s thermal envelope which allows cold air and more importantly warm air (the heat you’re paying for) out. We recommend checking all exterior windows and doors to ensure that they are tightly sealed. Replace any cracked weather stripping or caulking as needed. Installing draft barriers at the foot of doors with also help prevent the exchange of air. If your windows are older and not energy efficient, we would recommend  getting a weather proofing kit to help keep the heat in.

Check the Attic.

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Get up in the attic or crawl space and inspect the insulation. If you use your attic as a storage space then there is a chance that some of the insulation has been moved and could be thinner than appropriate. Grabbing a couple of bags of insulation at your local hardware store and adding it to suspect areas is a cost effective way to prepare your home for winter. This is also a good time to check your air vents for any damage as you don’t want any uninvited guests making their home in your attic for the winter.

Check your hot water tank.

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Now is a good time to check your hot water heater to ensure that all the heating coils are working properly. They are relatively inexpensive and the process of replacing them is pretty easy, just remember to turn off the breaker and drain the tank first. Lowering the temperature of the heater will also help you save some energy and money.

Have your ducts and furnace cleaned.

Having a professional clean your ducts and replace any dirty or clogged furnace filters is a good way to ensure that your heating system is working optimally. Removing any debris in the ducts will also improve the air quality in your home. Lowering your thermostat at nights and while you are gone will reduce energy consumption and also help save money.

If you have a fire place that isn’t being used ensure that it is properly sealed to prevent to escape of valuable warm air. This can easily be done with a chimney balloon purchased from a hardware store.

Keep your home warm this winter, if you have any great tips let us know!






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