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Moving from Ontario to BC

Are you thinking about moving from Ontario to BC?

Many families have decided to make this move. Moving from Ontario to British Columbia can be for several reasons. People will leave Ontario for BC on the basis of the weather, others do it because they love the scenery BC provides or for a career opportunity.

It’s over 4000 km from province to province. From Toronto to Vancouver it’s 4,372.4 km to be exact. If you’re moving your belongings from Ontario to BC, it’s important that you choose a moving company which is affiliated with a major van line. A company which is part of a nation-wide van line has the capability to safely transport your belongings on schedule.

Many companies have major offices in both BC and Ontario, so if a job transfer is what you’re looking at, then you should know a bit about each area in BC. This will make moving from Ontario to BC much easier on you.

There is the Lower Mainland, which encompasses the city of Vancouver and all other surrounding cities. As you move out of the Lower Mainland you’ll cross into the Fraser Valley. Both the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley are great places to raise a family. If you’re moving into the interior of BC, there are many great destinations. Anywhere surrounding Okanagan lake is an out-doors person’s paradise.

If you’re moving from Ontario to BC, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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