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Moving To Hollywood North…East

As one of the long distance moving companies Toronto area residents and people from all across the country turn to for major relocations we keep abreast of the news that impacts household migration to the east coast, no matter how niche the demographic.

Today a story reported from the west coast by the Vancouver Sun addressed the plight of the once booming film industry in Vancouver. In the article, it was stated that the bulk of the TV and Big Screen productions that once thrived out west have now officially transitioned to the east coast, in particular right here in the province of Ontario with a heavy concentration in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Ontario tax breaks provided to the U.S. based producers are the driving force behind this move. The other angle of course is that the GTA stands-in as a perfect replica for the New York City boroughs it so often emulates on the big screen. British Columbia lost 3,500 film and television production jobs during the tabulated year while the Ontario film industry grew by an additional 8,000. Less production work out west along with 8,000 more jobs in a very specialized field in the east indicates that anyone seeking to further their film industry career will have to consider a long distance move to Toronto and the surrounding area.

The film industry is a fickle one so it’s hard to say if this pattern is expected to maintain in the years ahead when for so long B.C. was synonymous with the “Hollywood North” moniker. However, for the next few years it’s clear that Ontario has committed itself to taking over this title for the time being. A few years is a lifetime in the film industry so if you are an actor, screenwriter, special effects artist, stunt person, director, or producer you may want to get rolling and consider contacting our Toronto long distance movers today.



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