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Residents & Cars Get Charged At Local Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons

We may be Toronto long distance movers but we are proud to call Oakville Ontario home to both our head office and much of our staff. One of the biggest draws for many all over North America considering a move to Oakville is its figurehead like inclusion into the Ontario Greenbelt. Oakville has long been known as a national leader in environmental initiatives so it comes as no surprise that our local Tim Hortons is the first to now serve those in need of a caffeine AND electrical charge.


This month the Tim Hortons located at 228 Wyecroft Road now has fully functioning electric vehicle charging stations. Customers can now enjoy a double-double while their e-cars enjoy their own energy boost for the day. Free Wi-Fi was cool, but this is downright revolutionary.

“Customers can now enjoy a double-double while their e-cars enjoy their own energy boost”

Our Oakville moving company is pretty impressed about the whole thing and as we start our own day in town with a visit to Tims we already see residents take a keen interest in the new concept. Even those without electric cars gather around anyone that happens to be plugging-in while on the premises. It’s like neighbors popping into the open garage of a friend fixing a car along any Oakville cul-de-sac on a sunny Sunday afternoon. This is smart marketing for Tim Hortons, electric vehicles, and for the province’s ever-expanding environmental leadership.

As the international moving company Toronto and the surrounding area turns to for all things related to relocations this initiative is yet another move that makes Oakville quite simply the most livable place in North America for any household that places environmental sustainability as a priority in their lives. Our Oakville moving company will continue to report on stories like this because we simply want everyone to know that Oakville is amazing place to live. Contact our Oakville / Toronto long distance movers if you happen to be joining our town from anywhere across the country.



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