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Second Best Place to Live in Canada?

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Bronte Movers may be considered primarily as Toronto long distance movers but as we’ve stated plenty here on your blog our home base is here in Oakville Ontario.

This week Oakville was named as the second “best mid-sized city to live” by MoneySense magazine in its Canada’s Best Places to Live 2013 report. The report takes into consideration what MoneySense considers overall quality of life, factoring in qualifiers such as employment, income, housing costs, weather, crime rates (lack thereof), and access to medical treatment and hospitals. We’re not sure why environmental sustainability (something Oakville is continuously heralded for) was not considered a chief determining factor, especially in today’s day and age, but they have their reasons.

Our Oakville movers office was at first very excited to hear the news that Oakville came in second as Canada’s Best Mid-Sized City until we followed with a unanimous reaction of “Wait a minute? Second?” We dug deeper into the online news to find out who dare lay claim to the first place position. However, before we could form a mob to carry along in one of our long distance Toronto moving trucks to whichever city MoneySense had the audacity to place ahead of Oakville we found that we could walk there instead.

It turns out that Burlington, our practically identical, next door neighbor was given the first place position. Our pride returned. You see, although our office indeed is officially within Oakville, the community feels as close to our neighboring towns as our residents do to the neighboring homes directly next door to them. We share the same relative space, the same roads, waterways, and recreational facilities. Our Toronto long distance movers service has moved Oakville residents to Burlington and moved Burlington residents to Oakville on many occasions. To these households, regardless if they are moving for a real estate opportunity, their children’s education, or for achieving closer proximity to a new career, they never feel they are leaving home because it is one in the same.

The other point that clearly adds to our pride is that by Burlington and Oakville landing the respective number one and two positions the rest of the country (and our U.S. neighbors considering an international move) now knows that this section of Southern Ontario is one of the greatest places to live. As one of the professional long distance moving companies Toronto area residents and new arrivals turn to for such relocations, we expect to see business continue to pick up in the months ahead as more and more households look to our region as a place they desire to work, raise a family, and even retire.

Second Best Place to Live in Canada? We’re OK with that.

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