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The Right People to Know When Moving Long Distance to Toronto

When you’re young and single moving from one city to another requires some networking in social surroundings to get to know “the right people” to help make your assimilation into a new city go smooth. Things like knowing the best baristas, bartenders, fitness trainers and the like take precedence (the good old days!). But later in life with the responsibilities of an entire household weighing heavy on your shoulders knowing the “right people” takes on an entirely different meaning. It may not be as “sexy” but it darn sure is more important.

In this week’s blog entry our Toronto Long Distance Movers suggest that you make a list and do some research to identify these “right people” well in advance of moving to a new city:

1. Babysitter

This one is probably the biggest reality check change from the good old days. Moving a household with children to a new city without friends or family to take on babysitting duties can strike fear in parents that really treasure their brief moments of alone time. When moving to a new city, be sure to leave plenty of time and effort available beforehand to seek out a trusted day care operator or neighborhood babysitter to watch over your kids when needed.

2. Family Doctor

Walk-in clinics are perfectly good when you need to hunt down a practitioner to heal a case of the sniffles but securing a new permanent Family Doctor should be a priority for households. In recent times finding a family doctor has become much more complicated than simply “asking around the office” because many are no longer taking new patients (especially during golf season). Programs like Health Care Connect can potentially point you in the right direction towards a Family Doctor in a new city.

3. Family Dentist

There are even more (than for Doctors) great online tools for researching dentists in every city. Consider checking sites like Dentist Finder Canada or Smile Canada so that you can get a check-up (and hopefully not a root canal) once settled into your new town.

4. Plumber

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it a local plumber is a priority on your “know the right people” list.  If your home springs a serious leak don’t leave it to the home’s Mr. Fix It (dad?) with a wrench that hasn’t seen the light of day since the tool kit was opened in 2009. Instead refer to the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) which is a source of trusted information for finding reputable plumbers while online review tools like Yelp are also popular (taken w/a hefty grain of salt) for finding one in the community.

5. Mechanic

Finding a new mechanic is likely the most intimidating of this list. Most people assume that 90% of mechanics are rip-off artists so what are your odds of finding one from the remaining 10%? Once again we suggest that you consult the local online BBB and then extensively compare those results with that of other review sources like Yelp and Google. Take your time on this one. Finding a good mechanic is like finding gold.

6. Mover

We’re aware that this may be a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy but honestly, how could we not include “mover” in the category of “who to know” when preparing for a long distance relocation? Getting to know your Toronto long distance movers well in advance is one of the best ways you can prepare to move your entire household to Ontario. Among Long Distance Moving Companies Toronto residents trust Bronte Movers more than any because we are there to walk you through the entire process. We don’t “book” a new customer, we talk to them and we get to know them and their family so that we can serve them better. Want to get to know us? Simply start the conversation by contacting our Toronto long distance movers today – we look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the city.



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