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Tips for Cold Weather Moves

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It’s that time of the year here on the east coast when the mercury makes its move towards zero and below. Many of you had followed advice against planning a household move during the busy summer months (moving season) which seemed like a great idea at the time but now that the temperature has dropped and the skies threaten to release mounds of white stuff on our heads and driveways you begin to wonder if the decision was a sound one. True, a household relocation in the late fall or winter can be a challenge but our team,  with its years of experiencing in navigating cold weather GTA moving, is here in time to prepare you for moving in the cold weather months of eastern Canada.

Here are 6 Tips for Cold Weather Moving:

1. Layer-Up

It’s not groundbreaking news that we’re suggesting that you dress warm when moving in cold weather but what many fail to realize is that during the moving process while hopping in and out of homes, vehicles, and performing heavy lifting, you tend to get heated up no matter how cold it is outside. Be sure to dress in plenty of layers that can be peeled off and put back on again without much hassle. Start with a snug t-shirt, layer it with a hoodie, then a warm jacket, a scarf, a hat and so forth so that you can remove or put back on items at any whim.

2. Drive Smart

Whether rain, sleet, or snow, the roads can be treacherous this season. Have your vehicle inspected weeks before your move and have snow tires, chains, and a trunk full of cold weather combatants (antifreeze, etc…) on hand. The weather doesn’t care what the 5 o’clock news forecast says, so be prepared no matter the outlook.

3. Clear Paths

Keep snow melt (salt) and shovels on hand in the event of an overnight freeze and/or snowfall. You’ll want to clear all paths and walkways leaving and leading up to both your current home and new home so that you and anyone helping with the move is safe from slips and falls thus avoiding injury and liability.

4. Heat Up

Keep the heating bill paid on your current home even if it means running over a few days after you’ve vacated so that you are packing up in warm and comfortable conditions. On that same token be sure that the heat is in on in your new home so that it is nice and toasty when placing your possessions within. Know where all heating controls are located so that either you or your movers don’t unpack and obstruct access to the controls. If your new home has a fireplace, keep a nice low flame going (only if someone is on site the whole time) which will add to the warmth and create a nice cozy atmosphere for all involved.

5. Sensitive Items

Some of your household items will be sensitive to extremely cold climates. Electronics, antiques, and recreational equipment are especially delicate. If you anticipate your possessions sitting in an outdoor queue (front lawn, moving van, etc…) for an extended period of time, be sure that the sensitive items leave the current home last and enter the new home first. You may also consider temporarily placing these items in our climate controlled Oakville storage facility.

6. Beverages

Cold beer may be a fun incentive for those moving in the summer but the prospect doesn’t have the same appeal when Jack Frost is nipping at your fingers and toes. Instead, keep plenty of warm coffee and hot chocolate on hand. For those looking for something a little more “spirited” (and if you’re not driving) then what could be a better winter moving day beverage accessory that a warm cup (or two) of seasonal Gluhwein?

Of course, the best way to beat the cold weather during a household relocation would be to sit with your family around the aforementioned fireplace with the aforementioned warm beverages in your new home and leave it up to our team to brave the GTA winter conditions for you.

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