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Tips For Long Distance Career Change

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As Toronto long distance movers we can safely say that the predominant reason we see individuals and households making a long distance relocation to the Ontario area is for a new career. People from as far as Vancouver Island move to Ontario for a new job in an industry that better thrives here out east. While a career move can be an exciting one, the relocation aspect alone is a big step. For many it can be somewhat stressful. Factor in the fact that most of these new career opportunities come with very short notice (even only a week) and you’ve got one serious transition looming in front of you.

Our Toronto long distance movers witness the process time and time again as we handle many new-hire employee relocations from all over Canada (and even the U.S.). A career opportunity in a new city can turn your world upside down when it arrives unexpectedly. However, no matter how large the logistics of the fast transition can be, you want your mind focused on your new professional role, not on packing supplies and the counting of square footage.

As one of the long distance moving companies Toronto residents AND new “transplants” turn to for full-service relocations, we are happy to offer a few tips to help you on your short notice move as you enter your new career:


1. Settle In Before Settling into a Permanent Home

When faced with a quick relocation you may end up accepting the first convenient lease property or even make a hasty condo purchase before moving to a new city. This decision is often made based upon proximity to the new workspace. However the convenience of being physically near to your new office may not be optimum in the grand scheme. Local amenities and other things that accent your lifestyle may be nowhere to be found. Your quick decision could have a poor impact on your long term happiness. Deciding on a new place of residence is a big step and should be treated as such. Don’t make a hasty decision. Remember that you may be here for the next few years (or more!). Inquire with your new employer about the best places to look for a new residence based upon what is important to your lifestyle. They will be happy to provide guidance on the subject. Consider a non-lease binding rental for the first few months until you get the feel for the city and gain better knowledge of the commuting (transit, driving, etc…) options in relation to your new workspace.

2. Step by Step Family Transition

If your career relocation is impacted by having a family in tow, then it is important to allow your spouse and children the appropriate transition time. This is a big step for them as well and they should be given the opportunity to gain appropriate closure with their own career, school, and personal connections. Having your family join you in the new city shortly after you arrive also alleviates your own burden. Your family can focus on getting the non-essentials packed up and prepared in the event that you only have time to pack a suitcase and head off to the new job on extremely short notice. Then at the first opportunity a few weeks down the road, they can join you. We understand that even short term separation can be tough on close families but in the long run it greatly reduces the stress of uprooting an entire family unit all at once.

3. Self-Storage Relieves Stress

By following our first tip on temporary housing you will want to make sure that you keep the unpacking of your belongings to a minimum – until you are indeed prepared to move into your permanent residence. This is especially true if you do not have the luxury of having a family pace the household moving transition back in your origin city. In these circumstances you will want to secure self storage in the city where your new career awaits. Once things settle down with the day to day new job activities and you’ve secured a long term residence you can begin moving over your belongings from self storage. However you may find that you’ve grown fond of the extra elbow room and opt for affordable long term GTA storage – why not start your new life free of clutter?

4. Hire a Professional Employee Relocation Expert

Bronte Movers is one of the long distance moving companies Toronto area businesses turn to for corporate relocations. Part of that process includes employee relocations. A company hiring an employee from another location in the country may offer to cover the relocation expense but even if not, it’s a good idea to ask them if they can recommend a trusted professional long distance moving company. They may be able to receive a standing discount with a national mover if they anticipate finding skilled labor from across the country on a regular basis. Regardless the scenario, the best way to ensure that your household move to a new city for a new career goes smooth is by hiring a reputable long distance mover. Your focus should be on your exciting new career, not the nuances of the relocation itself.

Contact our Toronto long distance movers today in the event that you are moving to or from anywhere in Ontario. We’d be honored to be a part of your new direction towards success.

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