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Toronto City Guide

With a population of just over 2.8 million people, Toronto is the 5th largest city in North America. That being said, the city is a major hub of the western world for finance, technology, culture and with nearly 43% of the residents being born in foreign countries it also holds the title of one of the most diverse. Besides the biting cold of the Canadian winters there are very few downsides to living in the Ontario capital that lives up to its official motto of “Diversity Our Strength”.


Time and time again, Toronto has been ranked number one as the most liveable city in the world, and a huge part of this ranking is the economy. Toronto is home to the head offices of Canada’s Big Five banks (RBC, TD Bank, BMO, Scotiabank, CIBC) as well as the Toronto Stock Exchange. Many Fortune 500 companies also have their head office located in Toronto, making the city a hot bed to many young professionals as well as well established professionals.


Toronto is home to the largest school board in Canada, the Toronto District School Board. A school board this large needs to be prideful in educating our children to be the leaders of tomorrow, and they are. Toronto is also home to three prestigious universities, the University of Toronto, York University, and Ryerson University. All three universities are highly regarded educational institutions, and earning a degree from one of these fine establishments will help you join the working class with no problem.

Food / Neighbourhoods

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world, bringing and celebrating all cultures from the globe in this one great city. The great diversity has built great communities with different cultures having their own neighbourhoods throughout the city. Many different parts of the city are associated with a specific culture, you can have great Italian cuisine in Little Italy or have some of the best jerk chicken in Little Jamaica. No matter your flavour, there is a part in the city for you.

Public Transit

The TTC stretches from the west of end of Toronto all the way to east, while transporting 2.7 million people on a daily basis, making the TTC the third largest public transit system in NOrth America. You don’t need to own a car when you live in Toronto, the TTC is a reliable system that will get you to your job and will get you to your favourite restaurant for dinner. For those living on the outskirts of Toronto, you can still get in and out the city with the GO Transit system which operates throughout the GTA getting riders from Hamilton to Oshawa.



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