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A recent CTV News piece details the attempted sale of an Oakville Ontario home, not because producers are getting their pockets greased by a local realtor but because of the home’s connection to current stars of the Silver Screen.

The Oakville home in question belongs to a couple who two years ago rented out the spacious yet homely mansion to the producers of the 2011 thriller Dream House staring Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz – plenty of star power for the charming city of Oakville.

So why is the sale of this property being mentioned in our Oakville Movers blog? Because it draws attention to the fact Oakville Ontario is a great place to live, enough in fact that the city gets noticed and chosen by location scouts from Hollywood, above and beyond the other multitude of choices in the region available to them. Toronto used to play east coast host to Hollywood, but now the surrounding communities are filling in.

As the Oakville Mover the community turns to when moving to or from the Greater Toronto Area, we get to usher new home owners into the beautiful homes along the Lake Ontario Waterfront and surrounding area. This first blog simply serves as a welcome mat greeting both to introduce our blog and to welcome potential new households into Oakville Ontario. Contact our Oakville Moving Company today if you need a local Oakville mover or GTA mover that knows the community better than anyone, professional Hollywood location scouts included.

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