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The busiest time of year to relocate is the summer. Due to the busy moving schedule for many Ontario moving companies over the summer, and the added stress of the summer heat, spend a bit more time thinking through logistics and how to keep cool.  About 70% of all residential moves take place between May and September (the official peak season is said to be between May 15 and August 31), which automatically means that the best moving companies will be in great demand during that period.

Household Moving and Planning Tips for Your Family

Plan your move

Start planning your move ASAP planning your relocation as far ahead as possible means that you’ll have a much higher chance of being 100% ready for your Moving day.

Start considering movers in Oakville, Burlington, and Mississauga at least eight weeks in advance to ensure you leave yourself plenty of time to find the best mover and the best rate for your relocation.

Summer is prime time and the busiest time for moving and quality moving companies get booked far in advance. Planning ahead will make your move stress free and guarantee that you secure your desired moving company and relocation date.

One of the pros of moving in the summer is that students don’t go to school during the summer break, so you should be able to complete the move with minimal disruption of their academic year.

At Bronte Movers we offer full complete services for your moving needs.

Stay on Budget: Cut your moving costs and expenses with the help of special cost reduction techniques. Below are 3 ways to make your summer move cheaper:

  • Only move the items you intend to use in the future. Fewer items = lower transportation cost and less hours the movers are working.
  • Sell any unwanted items at a garage sale or online. Add the extra earned money towards your moving budget.
  • Pack up whatever you can by yourself; if you need packers leave the special or larger items for them.

Packing in the summer heat

Once you have decided on your move the next step is decide on packing.  This should be your number one priority.  Bronte Movers provides full packing and unpacking services.

Before you start packing take an inventory of your entire home and start packing your things little by little from Day 1 of your preparation.  Packing in the summer is very time consuming. Do not underestimate the time you’ll need to complete the packing project.

Ask your mover while doing an estimate how many boxes they believe you will need and the size. Bronte Movers can help with your Moving Supplies as well as a quick guide on the number of boxes you will need.

Research: get a reputable mover

Get pricing information from 3 Ontario moving companies. Make sure you take the time to get moving estimates in writing to ensure you are getting the best price. Ensure to ask that your moving estimate is guaranteed on the hours and pricing.

Book your Oakville, Burlington, and Mississauga movers well in advance. Moving companies hire extra help during the busiest summer months if they cannot meet the demand for relocation services. Chances are that you actually end up with inexperienced, temporary movers. Be sure to ask the moving companies if the crews on your move are experienced are they temporary or full time employees.

Move when the cost is less

Moving in the summertime is peak season and the most expensive time to move.

There is an increased demand for professional moving companies during the summer period this means higher moving company rates too. As a result, you will pay more for the same moving services than you would during the off-peak season.

If your moving schedule is flexible, during the week are least busy and less expensive from your Oakville, Burlington, and Mississauga moving companies. This will result in a lower price moving estimates from your Ontario moving companies. Weekends and the last week of each month are the busiest.  Ask your moving company what days/week are least of expensive.

Protect yourself from the sun & heat

It’s important when you are in and out of the sun all day that you protect yourself from dangerous UV rays. Make sure to apply plenty of sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Dress appropriately in light-weight, breathable clothing. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

Turn on the air–conditioner

If you have air-conditioning in your home, turn it on. Keeping the air cool inside will prevent you and your movers from overheating and/or sweating too much. If you don’t have an air-conditioner, then position a few portable electric fans on strategic spots to keep things cool.

Be Aware of Overheating Symptoms

Heat stroke can be dangerous. If the weather is hot, it’s important that you be on the lookout for any signs of overheating. Symptoms of heat stroke caused by high temperatures are headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness, fainting, muscle cramps, and general confusion.

Prepare Items

Some items don’t do well in a hot moving truck.

You will need coolers and ice or ice packs for your fridge and freezer items.

Items that can melt or be damaged in the heat should be taken in your car, or even placed in a cooler with some cold packs.  Example: candles, CD’s/DVD’s, electronics, plants.  Be sure to check Bronte Movers packing tips page with videos that will show you how to.

Bronte Movers Experts Make Your Summer Move Stress Free.

The experts at Bronte Movers have helped thousands of satisfied customers with all of their moving and storage needs throughout Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton and surrounding areas.  Bronte Movers will manage the moving process and make it go as smoothly as possible.

With decades of experience, our family owned and operated and professionally-trained moving crews have the skills and expertise to deliver your goods on-time and a move that will exceed your expectations.

Get started on your moving plans today. To learn more about our comprehensive summer moving services, contact Bronte Movers today. Give us a call or complete the online request form for a free in home moving estimate.

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