Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Here are a few tricks of the trade that we have learned over the years which will help make your move as stress-free as possible.

1. Start early. Plan well. Enlist professional help.

2. Form an idea of what you will move, give away and donate. Be prepared to show our moving specialist everything you plan to move for the most accurate estimate.

3. Eat up food from your freezer and pantry.

4. If you plan to pack yourself, Contact Us regarding moving boxes and packing supplies.

5. Disassemble fragile particle-board furniture and other items that won’t fit through doorways. Bronte Movers can also provide this service.

6. Fill out an online change of address form at this page on the Canada Post website. This can also be done in person at any Canada Post office.

7. Cancel utilities at your current residence and arrange for service at your new residence.

8. Dispose of all unwanted household hazardous waste such as paints, chemicals, fuel and oil. Halton Municipal Recycling Station will accept these at no charge. Consider the substances we are not able to ship: gasoline, propane, solvents, turpentine, motor oil, paint, aerosol cans, alcohol, alcoholic beverages, bleach, liquid fertilizer, pesticides.

9. Drain any standing water from house plants. Larger plants should have plastic wrap secured around the base to contain the soil during the move. If you have a collection of valuable plants please contact us regarding the best way to move these. Depending on the distance and temperature, some plants have a hard time withstanding a move.

10. Create a floor plan of your new residence so our movers will be able to place items in their proper location upon arrival. Marking the rooms in your new home with a simple sign taped to the doorway can improve efficiency. Be prepared to direct movers as they unload the moving van.

11. Arrange for children and pets to be away from the home during the busiest periods of packing, moving and unloading for safety considerations.

12. Clear the main doorway and hallways of obstacles such as shoes, boxes, etc. to ensure quick and safe loading and unloading.

13. Keep your driveway and area in front of your house free of vehicles to allow our moving truck enough space to maneuver and park. This is best arranged with neighbors well in advance.

14. Contact the management office at your new condo or apartment to book the elevator and notify them of your move-in time.

“In our busy world we often have time to complain but don’t often take the time to say well done. Last December Wayne, Sanford and Dave helped my daughter and her family move from our home and then came back and moved furniture around for us. They were very professional and efficient and did your company proud. They deserve a pat on the back for all their hard work. Thank you.”- M. Langlois

For do-it-yourself packers only:

1. Seal all boxes with packing tape so they stack evenly. Typically, using larger boxes is more time efficient than using smaller boxes.

2. Mark boxes clearly on packing tape so they will be placed in the correct rooms.

3. Place all pictures and artwork in picture cartons.

4. Unplug all lamps, secure cords and remove shades and bulbs. Pack shades in boxes.

5. Leave clothes in dresser drawers. Remove any heavy or valuable items such as jewelry.

6. Pack dishes tightly on their edge on top of a well-cushioned base of packing paper, towels, linens, etc.

7. Unplug your computer components and mark the wires for easier reassembly. Use original cartons for packing if available.

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